Well Log Data


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  • Improve brand equity and online reach through branded storytelling and a sharper focus on mission and provided services/programs
  • Improve content strategy and site navigation
  • Improve overall aesthetic and user experience and to make the site more engaging and easier to use
  • Improve search-ability, browse-ability, and filter-ability of the Service/Program catalogue for great accessibility
  • Implement success stories to help build trust and credibility
  • Grow social engagement
  • Improve SEO performance to drive more organic traffic
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS



The core of operations for ATRS has always been helping individuals, families, and communities connect with programs to improve employability, to access education and counselling, and to develop skills. Their website housed plenty of information, but the awkward structure made it difficult to access. The biggest objectives of building a new site were to flatten the overall structure and to re-prioritize the site design, so that the most important programs and resources are the easiest to access.




Social service websites are often intimidating, and somber in style and tone. ATRS empowers individuals and families, and we wanted to evoke a fresh sense of welcoming and acceptance, as well as a little bit of fun.
We focused on a clean, clear, simple design. The colours are bright and vivid, the layouts incorporate lots of white space, and the typography feels friendly.
While photography resources were limited, we were able to create an appealing community feel that complements the ATRS mission: Inspiring healthy and inclusive communities through leadership and collaboration.




ATRS provides access to programs that change lives, and now their website is as accessible as their many amazing community services. The new site makes navigating their programs, services, and volunteer and donation opportunities easy, direct, and clear. Programs are searchable by city, age, service type, keyword, and even by the service location. Users can quickly and easily find out if their nearest location offers job training, placement, or counselling services applicable to their particular situation.

Technologies Used