Inside Sales / Customer Support

Inside Sales / Customer Support

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction

Customer service industry is a continually evolving one. There demand for customer support channels is increasing & is becoming crucial for big enterprises to handle customer touch points across the entire business lifecycle. We realize that businesses exist because of their customers and that successful customer interaction starts from understanding the customer from their first interaction to the level where you get synced with the type of service that makes them feel comfortable to the point that they feel
“Consider it done.”
Our Sales Support teams are tech savvy personnel with many years of experience and provide excellence in service. We have served a variety of customers from Fortune 500 companies to healthcare, banks and US state and local institutions by maintaining SLAs and customer satisfaction.

Services we Offer

Our team of sales experts have provided end-to-end sales services to various companies and some of the key ones are listed below-

On-board Customers

Our experts understand the needs of the clients and provide the best solution and tool for them to onboard seamlessly.

Quote Customers

In this competitive world you need to analyze what your competition is offering to your clients and try to get the best price for your customers. That’s what our sales team does and helps you become the best option for your clients.

Cross Sell / Upsell

Our salesperson with product knowledge and understanding of client needs together can help cross sell and upsell other products as well resulting in increase of sales revenue.

Order Booking

After quoting customers, it’s important to follow-up with them to ensure that the quote is converted into an order and that’s exactly what our team of sales experts does

Issue Handling

Post-sale services is key to success these days and we provide excellent post-sale services for handling customer issues by maintaining the SLAs


Our salespeople manage and provide custom reports for the clients to give them a clear picture of their purchases