Procurement Services

Procurement Services

Key to Fulfillment

Our team of experienced procurement personal have been instrumental in saving our clients over half a million dollars a year through special pricing negotiation, pre-approved bids, top sellers discounts, distributing specific discounts and smart buy discounts.
To increase efficiency, we help our clients connect with the vendors for automation of their procurement process which results in timely processing of the orders. It also helps in keeping the procurement systems in regular synchronization and allows for quicker, more informed decision-making and maximizing preferred suppliers.
Timely delivery of the products is key to customer satisfaction, and our experts keep a close eye on the status of the orders to ensure that there are no roadblocks and the products are being delivered on time.

Services we Offer

Our team of experts is well versed in different areas of procurement services which are listed below-

Warehouse Inventory / Bulk Contracts Management

We offer inventory control for customers and handle bulk product contracts as well and ship

Maintain Relationships with Vendors

We help in maintaining relationships with the vendors to ensure that any integration of system or process always remain in sync to ensure business continuity

Order Management with Vendors

Our teams believe in maintaining quality and SLAs and for that they always stay in touch with vendors for timely and quality delivery of the order

Price Negotiation & Quotation

We believe in maximizing the profit of the client and for that we always try to get the best price for your client by requesting a quote from various vendors to increase your profitability

Special Pricing

We make sure that we negotiate with the vendors and get the special pricing for your customers on large deals which helps in maintaining long term relationship with the customer