Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Optimizing Processes

We offer system integration services to help our customers automate and integrate their processes.
We specialize in BizTalk and EDI integration protocols.

With more than 10 years of experience our experts have helped organizations integrate their systems internally as well as externally with partners hence resulting in business workflow optimization where they get reduced costs, reduction in fraudulent activities, data transfer automation, increased data efficiency, reduced operational cost etc.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is widely-used technology for the automated (computer to computer) exchange of business documents from various sources in a standard electronic format. It enables businesses to exchange purchase orders, invoices, reports, inventory inquiry and other business documents directly from one system to the other.

Our experts have used tools like IBM Gentran to integrate business systems for process automation. Such tools contain several components like data store, process, communication controllers, and user interface clients.

cXML Integration

CXML or commerce eXtensible markup language is based on XML standards. It was created back in 90s for the communication of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs & suppliers.

Our experts are well versed with multi-level cXML integration especially B2B e-Commerce portals where cXML documents are mainly used to share Catalogs, setup punch-out and purchase orders.